From rags to glory - the wealth and true power of seizing ones own life for themselves rather than allowing despair to take over. Greystone is a young man who was born illegitimately into a rich, wealthy family. The family - not wishing for their bastard son to remain near them, has him shipped off into slavery. The cold clutches of darkness can hang on to anyone in such a sad situation, but the wheels of fate turn evermore and Greystone may find that this dark time is where his life truly begins. Greystone is a character invented by Epic games, from their game Paragon. If anyone has played Paragon, you will recognize this character. This is a short comic where I attempt to explain his backstory. Hope you enjoy! *updates 1-2 pages every week, on Saturday around noon. May be more pages depending!

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Posting Frequency and News by DamonSwisher
December 29th, 2016, 12:58 pm
Hey guys!

Just wanted to let everyone know; I will be updating this comic every TWO days starting today, December 29th. I will NOT be posting between the times of Jan 1st - January 4th, as I will be away from my scanner but I will probably still be making the artwork during that time.

Additionally - this web-comic is halfway finished as of right now. So I estimate about 15 more pages, so maybe around 30-40 days left of posting until the comic is complete. I actually DO have more paragon comic related plans for after this is complete - judging by the readers and audience I may continue to pursue paragon related comics.

Also Just if you're wondering I do have some social media, my instagram is: @wtfdamon and my twitter is: @damonswisher